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There is no doubt that TV commercials make an impact upon the public. The goal of TV commercials is to prompt consumers to buy products or services. If you have a product which is marketed on the television, you are almost guaranteed to make a small fortune. The public trusts that the products they see on TV commercials are useful and effective.

The goal of TV commercials is to stand out. They are made to attract the viewer through a catchy tune, jingle, phrase or tone. We all can probably recite the Oscar Mayer Bologna song, or the Coca-Cola song. I can still remember commercials from the 70s. A couple that come to mind are the Gravy Train Dog Food commercial, and the Tidy Bowl Man commercial. (I always wondered how he got his boat in the back of the toilet.)

A few great characters I remember from commercials are the Kool-Aid guy, the Hawaiian Punch man and the California Raisins. Tony the Tiger is always synonymous with breakfast cereal to me, and Morris the cat will always remain in my mind as a beloved commercial character. The scrubbing bubbles are a favorite of mine, as well as the Jolly Green Giant. The “silly rabbit” who always wanted Trix cereal made me wish I could give him a bowl of it myself.

If you have a product to market, you need to come up with something that will make it stand out in the consumers mind. You need a slogan such as, “good to the last drop” or “it takes a licking but keeps on ticking.” We all are familiar with those slogans because they worked. When you come up with a slogan, character, or jingle for your product you are halfway to the bank.

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