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Have you been thinking about changing from cable to satellite TV? If so, you may be unclear about the service and features of satellite television. Below is a comprehensive list of many satellite tv features and service which can aid you in the decision making process.

Satellite TV will bring you hundreds of channels. Sport lovers will be thrilled with the sports channels, history buffs will be blown away with the biography and documentary channels, and children will love the numerous channels designed just for them. Satellite TV also brings foreign language channels for those who speak other languages, including Spanish, Russian, Japanese, and more.

The picture quality of satellite TV far surpasses cable television. Digital signals are very clear and concise. Those with HDTV will be very pleased when they learn there are many satellite TV channels which are broadcast in high definition. One misconception about satellite television is that you are unable to receive local channels. Local programming is available in most areas. You simply add it to your package and you can receive all of your local channels.

Cable prices put a strain on the wallet. Satellite TV is very economical. Those interested in satellite TV can easily find specials where installation is free. Satellite TV will not raise your prices, either. You are fixed in for your contract period and you do not have to fear receiving a notice that your rate will change the next month.

The great thing about satellite television is the equipment is yours. If you move, you do not have to purchase another satellite. Technicians will come out and wire your new home to receive satellite television. This is a great service for the individual or family who relocates every few years.

So, what is standing in your way of switching to satellite TV? If you have any questions, feel free to contact a satellite provider. Their customer service representatives are standing by to help you today.

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