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Many customers want to know how services from Direct TV and Dish Network actually work. To put it simply, to receive your programming you have to have a satellite dish installed on your home. You also need a receiver box inside your home connected to your television. A satellite in the sky sends out signals which are received by the satellite at your home. This satellite has a filter, so to speak, which keeps out everything but the program you have chosen. This information goes through your satellite into your receiver box. Your receiver then unscrambles the information and provides you with clear viewing.

The Direct TV and Dish Network receiver boxes are equipped with a chip. You can't receive a clear signal without them. They are programmed to match the package you have purchased through your satellite television provider. This cuts down on piracy. You can't hook into a satellite and receive free viewing, unlike cable. Many individuals have found a way around purchasing cable and they illegally enable their televisions for cable. This is almost impossible with Direct TV or Dish Network. Those trying to pirate satellite television will only receive a scrambled picture.

If you want Direct TV or Dish Network on numerous televisions, you do not have to have a satellite dish for each. You simply need a separate receiver for each television and remote controls. Cable companies are taking a big hit as their customers leave cable and turn to satellite television. Cable simply cannot compete with the many features of satellite television.

Direct TV and Dish Network receivers are capable of performing many tasks. They can keep track of your viewing preferences, they can connect you with movies through pay per viewing, and you can customize different favorite lists for each member of your household with your receiver. Anyone wanting the latest technology at their fingertips should purchase satellite television.

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