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Court TV is one of the networks you will receive when you have satellite television. Court TV receives many viewers on a daily basis. What is the draw? Perhaps it is a way for the general lay-person to get an inside view of the judicial system? Others may simply be drawn to Court TV because the show brings many different legal experts together--who all have varying opinions about a case. It is easy to become wrapped up in the disputes that arise on the many Court TV shows. It is also easy to get emotionally involved in the different cases and stories. This was evident with the O.J. Simpson and Scott Peterson trials.

Court TV is in a category all of its own. Its 24 hours worth of programming is dedicated to US trials, legal issues and more. Court TV is an outlet for the individual who wants more than their cable news can provide in regards to court trial or legal facts.

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There are those who strongly dislike Court TV. They feel the producers of Court TV are capitalizing on the pain and suffering of others. I am sure that commentators like Nancy Grace have received their fair share of hate mail. However, Nancy Grace is still on the air. This must mean that she is a big draw and her popularity far out weighs those who do not like her.

Satellite television brings many diverse programs to the television audience. There are those who would be heart broken if they missed a day of Court TV or their local news channel. Satellite television is a far cry from the days of old when you had three major channels to choose from.

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