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  • Active Buyer's Guide: DVD Players - asks shoppers a series of questions to help them find the best features and models based on their personal preferences.
  • CNET Electronics: DVD players - reviews, comparison shopping, and consumer ratings for DVD players.
  • CNET Electronics: Portable DVD Players - reviews, comparision shopping, and user comments for portable DVD players.
  • DVD Player Now - includes model information, reviews, and advice for first time buyers.
  • DVD Player Price Search - offers price and feature comparisons, reviews, online coupons, and rebate information on DVD players.
  • DVD Players Guide - lists available DVD players and offers advice on choosing one.
  • DVD Recorders Guide - offers advice on choosing DVD recorders and formats as well as finding DVD/VCR recorder and player combination units.
  • DVD Player Compatibility List - offers a database of DVD players and user comments on what types and formats of media work with them.
  • Think cheaper is always best? Think again. When buying a new dvd player, compare dvd players so you know you are getting the best product for you.
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