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  • Platinum Electronics - offers a variety of brand name units.
  • R. L. Drake Company - manufacturer of analog and digital Cable Television head end products, shortwave receivers, and assistive listening products.
  • ThrobElectronics - offers boxes, descramblers, and decoders.
  • Tidewater Electronics - descramblers, converters, combos, and more.
  • Toner Cable Equipment - manufacturer and distributor of cable television equipment including RF system design and custom built equipment.
  • Universal-Cable-Boxes - offers descrambler boxes, television decoders, and converters.
  • Wireless CATV Systems - consultants for the forthcoming FCC spectrum auctions across the United States, creating the business opportunity for wireless cable television systems.
  • WorldBase Suppliers - buys and sells un-modified raw descramblers and 125 channel view masters.
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